My name is Yvonne..I am the owner, breeder of LINGA-LONGA BOERBOELS.
I BREED FOR #TOP QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! As you can see they are large dogs.
#AUTHENTIC, GENUINE PURE BRED BOERBOELS! BOERBOELS ARE THE BEST family dogs as they are known for their PROTECTION quality and good temprament!

Because of the unethical way the black dog was introduced into our genepool….After 16 years as a member..I resigned!! My member number was 643….I was one of the first BB breeder in our provence of KZN.

I have since rejoined SABBS as there has been an improvement in their ethics….IE…. DNA testing of every breeding dog is now a must!!

I will continue to ONLY breed with my own lines and others that breed with pure bred BOERBOELS…meaning that there is PROOF of the lineage of the parents bred with and NO trace of the black dog in their lines!!
I too grew up with Boerboels on the farm….being the youngest in the family…I never had any idea how important it would be in my life to have photo’s of our dogs…I wish I had!

We have a small stud in the country, and have lived here for the past 54 years in a village called RICHMOND which is situated in KZN (NATAL) 38km from PIETERMARITZBURG and one hour drive from DURBAN.

Our dogs are our loved pets, more like our children, not for breeding purposes only. All have excellent temperaments. They are not kennelled dogs, they come and go as they please. Have a look at ” OUR DOGS CAMPS “…the gates are always open… making it very easy to interact with them. Therefore the puppies are well adjusted, self assured and confident, when ready to go to their new homes.


I started breeding BOERBOELS in 1996. I am semi retired and therefore am fortunate to be at home at all times and that enables me to spend a lot of time with our dogs.

Because of the love of the boerboel breed, it has taken a lot of endurance and perseverance in the past 26 years to get to where I am to-day!

I pride myself in being honest, and therefore all who have purchased puppies from me have been happily satisfied. All our dogs are from an excellent range of top blood lines…. going back to some very old founder lines. All have had the necessary health tests done.

For those not familiar with the Boerboel breed, they are the most magnificent breed of dog, powerful, intelligent, loving companion and protector of the whole family.